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Volcano Stove - Survival Supplies 4U


The Volcano Stove is the most versatile, efficient, durable and easy to use outdoor cooker on the market today. It’s perfect for emergency preparedness, backyard cooking, RVing or camping.

The Volcano accommodates three different types of fuel: charcoal, propane or wood, which means it’s ready when you are. In an emergency situation, you can always have an available fuel source. The flexibility of this multi-fuel feature really sets the Volcano Stove apart from the competition.

That flexibility continues with the different types of cooking you can do on the Volcano. Although, the Volcano Stove was designed for use with outdoor woks and Dutch ovens, any griddle, pot or pan you already have in the kitchen will work with the stove.

The Volcano Stove’s double-wall construction minimizes heat transfer to the outer body and bottom of the stove. This enables you to use the Volcano on any surface (such as a plastic table or on top of a tablecloth). The outer wall of the stove will be warm but not hot. So if one of your children accidentally touches the side of the stove, they will not be burned.

The stove’s unique double-wall construction and draft system will maintain charcoal briquettes at a constant temperature for approximately two hours. You’ll use less fuel with a Volcano Stove because of its superb efficiency.

This stove is easy to transport in the water-resistant storage bag that is included. The Volcano Stove collapses to just 5-inches high and weighs less than 23 pounds.

The Volcano is easy to clean and store. After use, let the stove cool, dump out any ash, wipe out the interior, and place it in the storage bag.

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Product Description

Volcano Stove - Survival Supplies 4UThe versatile Volcano Stove works with charcoal, propane, or wood.

Additional Information
Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 8 in

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